FFL San Jose Rules They Follow

San Jose’s Firearm Rules

When I started researching about FFL business, I’m blown away by the over regulation that is placed on firearm business. Just to be a FFL in San Jose, you must follow a strict licensing and local ordinances.  Most who starts out believe that all they have to do is to apply with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, Firearm, and Explosive for their FFL and that’s it.  Not true at all.  The most difficult is getting the permit through the city (not all city are difficult but some just makes it very hard).   

In addition, here are the hurdles that FFL  San Jose have to go through just to get a permit in their city.  If you are an FFL transferring or selling firearm, you must get a permit from the Chief of Police.  You must meet their requirements prior to being approved.  

The minimum needed for the permit:

  • Possess valid and current federal firearms permit;
  • Pay permit fee to police department;
    •         $800 big ones and renew each year!!!
  • Pay fingerprinting fee to police department;
  • Complete personal history questionnaire on form provided by the San José police department;
  • Be fingerprinted at police department;
  • Be photographed at police department;
  • Be interviewed at police department by officer assigned to concealable firearms unit;
  • Sign authorization for release of pertinent records.


Hence, for you to be approved, the zoning department staff must go to their dungeon and look through their rotting wooden cabinet to check if the proposed rental office or building is zoned properly.  I’m just joking about them going to the dungeon but they are extremely slow.  Figuring out the zoning should not be so hard but it’s been weeks since I asked and still no answer from them.  


ffl San Jose

Requirements for your FFL San Jose office or shop

The Building:

  • Permanent building
  • Four solid walls and a roof.  

“constructed of wood, metal, cement or like materials and resting on a foundation of cement, stone, brick or metal or similar materials commonly used in the construction of foundations for permanent buildings.” 

  • Doors and windows must have an alarm system.
  • Proper storage of explosive or flammable nature.


So, once you meet these requirements, then they can come and visit your building to make sure you have everything in tip-top shape.  

Unfortunately, what is really bad about the city is that an FFL San Jose cannot deliver any firearm for a total of 15 days after the DROS have been submitted.  You can thank the former Mayor Licardo for that.  Also, it is not good for business to make your clients wait additional 5 days since they are very eager to get their hands on their guns or rifle.  This is most likely a deal breaker for some who rather drive additional distance to avoid waiting.

Lastly, why wait another five days when you can go to another FFL dealer:

FFL dealer Sunnyvale.  

170 N. Wolfe Rd Suite 1

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408) 877-1212