FFL Santa Clara – Requirements

What are the FFL Santa Clara Requirements for the City?

Anyone interested in starting a FFL business, you have to do your research.  There are three different entities you will need to deal with.  There’s the federal, state, and finally the city laws / ordinances.  For this article, I will just go over the city ordinance since it varies from city to city.

For FFL in Santa Clara, they have the least restriction with regards to permits or licensing.  I’m not sure why this is the case, perhaps the City of Santa Clara have more gun friendly mayor and city council or perhaps they are business friendly.   They do have “Gun Buy Back” program active in their city.

Each participant will receive $100 per handgun and $200 per assault rifle to the maximum of $400. There will be no limit to the number of guns an individual may surrender for safe disposal. 

Moreover, they also occasionally have “Project Child Safe” where they hand out gun locks for free with proof of residency.  

I know of three FFL Santa Clara or gun shop in this city.  I would have assumed that more FFL  would flock here due to the lack of ordinance regarding setting up gun shops. 

FFL dealer Santa Clara
Man is shooting his pistol

Not having ordinances tends to not give those in-charge instructions to follow.

I did contact the person in charge at Santa Clara and asked him if there are other ordinances relating to licensing or permits for firearm businesses.  I stated that “there is minimal ordinance relating to FFL Santa Clara.  Can you tell me the process?” in my email to him.  He stated that I am correct and that I should email him the details of my plans so that he can rely the information to his supervisor.  

Santa Clara Code of Ordinances
Codified through Ordinance No. 1988, passed October 9, 2018.
Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
Chapter 9.05 In General
Section 9.05.080 Minors – Possession of certain weapons without parental consent prohibited.
It shall be unlawful for any minor under the age of sixteen (16) years to have in his/her possession any pistol, or other
weapon capable of receiving any charge, cartridge or explosive unless by the written consent of his/her parent or
Section 9.05.090 Sale of weapons to minors without request of parents, etc., prohibited.
It shall be unlawful within the city for any person to sell, dispose of or give to any minor under the age of eighteen (18)
years any pistol, air gun or other weapon capable of receiving and discharging any charge, cartridge or explosive without
the written request of his/her parent or guardian.

There isn’t anymore than what is above.  

Furthermore, Santa Clara has many affordable light industrial zoned offices available for rental unlike San Jose for instance.   It seems that the city is very business friendly.

FFL Santa Clara businesses has a new competition over the next city:

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170 N. Wolfe Rd Suite 1

Sunnyvale, CA 94086