My FFL Workflow

A Brief Gripe About Gun Control 

In this article, I will explain how FFL dealer near me figure in the buying of your firearm.   Furthermore, I will explain my simple process so you understand once you arrive at my office. 

It’s unfortunate that our 2nd Amendment rights are constantly under attack from those law makers and common folks who do not know much about firearms.  It’s evident that the politicians are using Gun Control as a mean to fix broader issues such as mental health and poverty.  I further believe that the politicians are using Gun Control as a means to steer the public away from focusing on more meaningful and solid solutions.   There are already many laws related to guns to keep them away from those who intend to do harm.   Any further restriction will not make anything better unless the real reasons for such misuse are addressed. 

Unfortunately, with the stricter laws, many gun shops are going out of business requiring them to follow more stringent rules and regulations.  They also can only sell certain rifles and pistols due to California’s Gun Control.  Per California rules, any firearms must go through a California Firearm licensed person such as FFL dealer near me (the person behind counter at the counter at your local gun store are a firearm dealers).  Once you purchase a firearm at an online gun retailer or perhaps you called someone in Sacramento but didn’t want to drive there, then they must ship the firearm you just bought to the nearest FFL dealer near me closest to where you live.   You can choose whoever you want as long as they have the license.  If my business is not included in the online retailer’s record, then the online retailer will just need to contact me to  get a copy of my credentials prior to shipments.  This is really simple since they can go online to check my licenses to make sure I am approved by California DOJ. 

FFL Transfer

My FFL transfer Process is simple and easy!

Every online gun retailer has a list of every FFL dealer near me in their data base.  In certain areas, there are not that many to chose from.  If you would like them to ship to me, all you have to do is to contact the online retail store to let them know you are requesting my business to accept the shipment.   It’s the fastest way for me to get on their data base.  I know that could take up to several weeks for them to add me if I request it.

The online gun shop then ships the regulated firearms for my company to process.  Once I receive the package, I will notify you via email to arrange your appointment.  Likewise, if you know when the shipment will arrive, you can go to my website’s booking to schedule your appointment one day after it arrives (not the same day please).


I have setup a self scheduling appointment for my clients.  This might change later but currently, there are four options for my FFL Transfer booking appointments.

  • Experienced Gun Owner
    •     Choose this if you know how to operate pistols and rifles which includes clearing jams for the safe handling portion.  
  • Inexperienced Gun Owner
    •     Choose this since it will take a little longer for you to demonstrate safe handling.
  • Ammo Pick UP
    •     Self explanatory
  • Pick UP my Guns
    •     This is the 10th day when I can delivery it to your hands per law.

For every appointment, you must have a valid ID.  No exception to this rule.  If you need more information about ID, please go to this link.

Finally, your appointment FFL dealer near me has come!  Please arrive at least minimum of 5 minutes and text me (408) 877-1212 once your at the parking lot  since entrance doors are locked.  Once you arrive for your scheduled appointment, we can process the necessary papers for you to receive your firearm.  These forms are called 4473 which has the first page for you to simply fill in.  Once filled,  I then finish the rest of the form to submit to Dept. of Justice.   During this time, we can proceed with the firearm safety handling.  This should not take long for the experienced owners.  However, for the very new, it might take 2 or 3 times as long compared to the experience individuals.  There is a 10 day waiting period prior to receiving your firearm.  Once your forms have been submitted, you can then make an appointment on the 10th day + 10 hours since there maybe some delay on Dept. of Justice’s side.   

On your final visit, you can then come by with a valid picture ID to obtain your firearm. 

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