What ID Do You Need to Get Your Gun or Rifle.

Required ID to Possess a Firearm

The California Gun Control is like a mine field.  There are so many rules to follow just to be possess the firearm you want to purchase.  Here are some rules with regards to identification you need to provide during your FFL Sunnyvale.  

You must be a resident of California.  A California driver’s license with your current address should suffice and nothing more.  However, many people who do not stay put in one place like myself, my driver’s license has my old address.  You ask what then?

Please note: any expired identification/permit/registration is not acceptable.

What if I don’t have the right address on my CA driver’s license,  what can I bring to my FFL Sunnyvale?

You’ll Need to Bring:

  • Driver’s license 
  • And one of the following:
    • Your utility Bill that is not older than 3 months
      • Comcast bill, home phone (not your mobile), water, or gas bills.
    • Residential rental lease.
    • Property Deed
    • Government issued license, permit, or registration with expiration date or period of validity
      •   Carry Conceal Weapon permit
      •   COE – Certificate of Eligibility
      •   FFL #3
      •   Current DMV registration
      •   Current DMV disabled placard
      •   Electric, gas, cable bill within the last 3 months
      •   California hunting license by Dept of Fish Wildlife (DFW)
      •   California Fishing license DFW
      •   Notarized contract with date and signature.
  • Not accepted by  FFL Sunnyvale
    •   pay stubs
    •   bank statement
    •   brown card, black card, whatever color card
    •   mobile phone bill
    •   Voter Registration

What if I have a driver’s license with my current address by it has “federal limits apply”?  What will my FFL Sunnyvale require?

A notation “federal limits apply” on your driver’s license  indicates that the license does not meet federal standards for the issuance and production of a compliant card under the REAL ID Act.  You will need to bring the following:

  • Current US passport 
  • US birth certificate – certified
  • US birth certificate outside USA who’s parents are US citizen (DS-1350)
  • Foreign passport with valid VISA
  • US citizenship or naturalization
  • Permanent Resident Card

What if I have an ID but my surname is different?

Perhaps you recently married or adopted which caused your name to change.  Your will require:

  • Adoption documents to prove the changes
  • Legal document showing the name before and after
  • Marriage certificate
  • Maybe you got divorce and the court has force you to change your name
    • Dissolution of marriage
  • A certificate, declaration, or registration document verifying the formation of a domestic partnership.
  • Or Dissolution of a partnership that contains the legal name as a result of a court order.