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Our Services

First, we do not sell firearms.  Our services are the transfer of firearms from the online gun shop to you.  We are a FFL licensed by the Federal, State, and permitted by the City of Sunnyvale.

FFL Transfer


  • Hand Gun: $50 All Handguns (tax and DROS extra)
  • Long Gun: $50 All Long Guns (tax and DROS extra)
  • NICs Check: $37.19 California DROS



Private Party Transfer Requirement

  • *$47.19 PPT Fee
    • (2 CA residents face to face) for 1 firearm
    • Buyer and Seller must be present.  
    • *DROS included

Please bring the following:


During your visit:

  • You will be instructed to fill out a 4473 (simple and short form)
  • Show safe handling of firearm 
  • Please know that there is a 10 day waiting period from the time the DROS have been submitted before you can possess your firearm.


Please, no walk-in. 

All visits are by appointment only. 

Please make sure that your appointment is one day after your packages arrives and not before.    


Thank You!

FFL Dealer Sunnyvale

Note:  You will receive email and text messages about your appointment and login information.